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On the Aesthetics of Roman Ingarden
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Aesthetics: A critical theory read epub martha. Guy Sircello, against Hospers, pointed out first that there are two ways emotions may be embodied in artworks: because of their form which is what Hospers chiefly had in mind , and because of their content. Thus, a picture may be sad not because of its mood or color, but because its subject matter or topic is pathetic or miserable , cited: Analytical Psychology and German Classical Aesthetics: Goethe, Schiller, and Jung, Volume 1: The Development of the Personality Analytical Psychology and German.

Ministers used religion to preach the rightness of slavery, and also the rightness of having children work in mines and factories; they have used the Bible to say it was right to keep people poor. What makes for the difference between a beautiful use of religion and an ugly use of it? Plotinus, like Plato, thought that the experience of beauty itself is not a sensuous experience but an intellectual one.

One of the most important results of both these theories of beauty was the establishment of contemplation as a central idea in the theory of beauty and consequently in the theory of aesthetic experience. Almost all aesthetic theories have maintained that the exp epub.

Journal of the History of Philosophy

Some may forgive these intrusions because they are so well intentioned. Who would defend prejudice, debt, or excessive drinking?

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The point, however, is that our rulers have no business telling us how to live. They are tiresome enough in their exercise of authority. They are intolerable when they mount the pulpit. We should never doubt that nationalizing the moral life is the first step toward totalitarianism , e.

The German Historicist read for free eatdrinkitaly.

But even if judgments about beauty are subjective, Kant does also thing that they are stable and universal in a way that other pleasures are not. Soon even it was overtaken by a period of invention and discovery that pushed medieval philosophy and other studies aside The Other Hong Kong Report download pdf download pdf. Men, women, and young persons learn to see other people, the world, and themselves more exactly—with honest respect and therefore much more pleasure download.

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The facts about the basic logic of beauty don't touch the big substantive questions, but clarity about these facts is essential if we are to avoid confusion about the big questions , source: Philosophy Bites read for free. It's not, I think, hard to come up with a first pass explanation of how music with lyrics or that accompanies other contentful representations might convey such emotion.


When we set words to music, the words retain at least the expressive and representational powers that they have all on their own The Aesthetics of Care: On the read online read online. Ontological issues include whether God exists, whether numbers exist, whether nonphysical minds exist. However, this world is accessible by other states of consciousness such as the aesthetic, the moral, and the mystical. Payne New York: Dover, ,xii. Another important issue examined is Schopenhauer's extension of teleology throughout all nature. It may not be too difficult to understand how teleology works at the higher organic levels, but how are we to make sense, without engaging in anthropomorphic metaphors, of teleology applying to all inorganic nature too?

Young interprets Schopenhauer as holding the view that throughout all of the realms of nature, will acts with belief and knowledge. But does not Schopenhauer claim that the will is blind, irrational, acts without reason? Young's reply is that the will is blind only in the sense that at the inorganic and lower organic levels it is unconscious of both itself and its beliefs and reasons.

Consequently, not only is the will extended throughout nature, but so is intelligence. The will extended throughout nature is the world will of which the'Platonic Ideas are its immediate volitions. This world will, being all that exists, has no other goal than perpetrating its system Access options available:.

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Unfortunately, they see the sensuous as identical with the sensual, and the sensual with the lewd. Aesthetic effects necessarily attach to their medium. Schilpp ed. In language, on the other hand, meanings acquired from the past are sedimented in current meanings and allow for the dialectic of spoken and speaking speech discussed earlier Merleau-Ponty b, My Selections x.