Creating a Fulfilled Life

10 Secrets to Living a Fulfilled Life
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Keep a journal and write down ideas to research later.

Creating A Fulfilled Life At Home

In this way, you will never stop learning about our ever-curious world. You will find more of life's blessings if you focus on building gratitude. If you focus on life's problems, then you will only find more problems. A shift in focus requires mental effort. I once defined myself by my failures. I focused on them when I tried new scary things like a day experiment. It shouldn't surprise you that I had a history of failure when I approached life this way.

Now, I focus on how I can overcome potential failures when trying new things to become the best version of myself. Research demonstrates that grateful people have fulfilling lives. Gratitude shifts your focus from your problems no matter how big or concerning to what you've been given. Practicing daily gratitude helped me conquer my inner negative Nancy.

Ever since I was a child, I seemed bent to focus on the glass half empty, but that changed after implementing a new habit. What catalyzed my metamorphosis into a positive Polly was my wife. I was blessed to marry the most encouraging and positive woman on the planet.

7 Steps for Living a More Fulfilling Life

Her positive outlook forced me to realize how I consistently focus on the negative. One day, I became sick with myself and searched Google, "How to become a more positive person. Rather than focusing on my problems, I focused on my blessings. I kept a daily gratitude journal. I would write things like these are copied from my gratitude journal. My wife is the most beautiful woman I know on planet earth, and she married me!

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Hot dog. She is adorable, even during her grumpy mornings I love the drive time in between work and home because I get to learn about business uninterrupted. Healthy habits lead to a life of satisfaction. This path isn't easy. If it were easy, then everyone would have a six-pack abs, millions of dollars, and happy relationships.

The road to change is paved with blood, sweat, and tears. Your habits define the life you live. Start today.

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10 Choices That Lead to a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Experiment with Failure. Surround Yourself with Competition. Never stop learning. Whatever you focus on, increases. Adopt daily gratitude.

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Which of your habits create a fulfilling life? Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

When we take radical responsibility over every aspect of our lives, we feel a sense of simultaneous freedom and control that is uncanny and difficult to describe. This allows us to live the reality we want to live and have maximum positive impact on ourselves and those around us. As human beings, we love to label people and things. That person is arrogant. That activity is stupid. But what do these labels, and these perceptions, say about us?

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Or even if the person acts more proud than they should, what if instead you recognized their positive qualities, and thus were attracted to them, became relatable to them and were therefore at least able to experience a positive interaction with them? After calling an activity stupid, ask yourself, Is it really? The world has a funny way of meeting our expectations.

If we expect people to treat us poorly, they typically will. Be very careful with your expectations, because they just might occur. Resent is a very strong word.

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But most of us have resentments. And many of us can even think of a person we resent. Dig deep here. What does this resentment say about you? Perhaps you resent a co-worker for always leaving work at 5 p. You think, Geez, here I am crushing it at work and staying at the office every night until 8 p. Is this really how you feel? Do you really care when Bob leaves the office? How does that impact you?

And by the way, Bob might very well be achieving all of his goals, logging onto his computer at 8 p. Maybe you resent that person in your friend group who is always happy and acts so damn optimistic. Since when is that a problem? Those unique things they do, those unique qualities and skills and habits that you fell in love with way back when.

Why not happiness?

You thought they would have rubbed off by now. You adopt a scarcity mindset without realizing it. You feel bad. So you resent your spouse, treat them poorly and this leads to your relationship suffering.