Deliver Us From Evelyn (Kansas City Blues Crime Series Book 2)

Deliver Us From Evelyn
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Exhibition: Writing in Times of Conflict.

There are no events today. View upcoming events. Jay Rajiva explores how narrative structure shapes the experience of reading the postcolonial literatures of South Africa, India, and Sri Lanka.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

At a time of ecological crises, intensifying environmental anxiety, and burgeoning eco-critical perspectives, L. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Virago Modern Classics, this volume brings together forty of the introductions to Virago Modern Classics from the past four decades. Martin Salisbury traces the evolution of the book jacket from its functional origins as a plain dust protector for expensively bound books to its elaboration as an artistic device to catch the eye of browsing book buyers. Tove Jansson: painter, illustrator, political caricaturist, cartoonist, author and creator of the Moomin characters and stories.

Lisa L. Moore reveals how these artists used flowers, gardens, and landscapes to express their love for other women. The gothic novel in Ireland, c. Countering traditional scholarly views of the 'rise' of 'the gothic novel' on the one hand, and, on the other, Irish Romantic literature, this study persuasively re-integrates a body of now overlooked works into the history of the literary gothic as it emerged across Ireland, Britain, and Europe between and Its twinned quantitative and qualitative analysis of neglected Irish texts produces a new formal, generic, and ideological map of gothic literary production in this period, persuasively positioning Irish works and authors at the centre of a new critical paradigm with which to understand both Irish Romantic and gothic literary production.

It is the latest collection of essays from Zadie Smith, applying her razor-sharp intellect to the issues shaping the present. From the sinister side of social media, the closing of public libraries and impending environmental disasters, with the changing face of hip-hop; no topic is too fringe or too mainstream for this literary powerhouse as she takes on the tricky ambiguities of the modern world in sentences that pulsate with vision, energy, humour, and humanity. The Rise of the African Novel is the first book to situate South African and African-language literature of the late s through the early s in relation to the literature of decolonization that spanned the s through the s, and the contemporary generation of established and emerging continental and diaspora African writers of international renown.


These objects are everywhere, from safes to spice racks, sewing kits to snake gags. Dublansky argues that their makers have infused everyday objects with bookish qualities in order to capitalize on the emotional connections we have with our favorite books or with the experience of reading. Dogs have been part of motion pictures since the movies began.

The contributors to Cinematic Canines take a close look at Hollywood films and beyond in order to show that the popularity of dogs on the screen cannot be separated from their increasing presence in our lives over the past century. Operating hours and what's on. Operating hours Entry to the Library ceases 15 minutes before the times below.

Main Library: — Special Collections: — New Acquisitions. Find out more about who we are and what we do. Writers as readers : a celebration of Virago Modern Classics. Tove Jansson. Shooting Up: A Short History of Drugs and War examines how intoxicants have been put to the service of states, empires and their armies throughout history. Since the beginning of organized combat, armed forces have prescribed drugs to their members for two general purposes: to enhance performance during combat and to counter the trauma of killing and witnessing violence after it is over.

Stimulants e. Downers e. It brings together women from across the globe, and besides translations from African languages it includes work originally written in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Margaret Busby is a leading figure in Black and literary cultural forums in Britain. She spoke at the launch for the Rights for Women season at the University of London, Senate House Library exhibition and is also featured in the exhibition and artwork promoting it.

Short listed for the Women's Prize for Fiction Town-criers, match-sellers, chimney-sweeps, street-food vendors and many other characters populating urban Regency-era and early Victorian Britain, all painted with incisive realism. These 52 portraits provide a rare glimpse of the people otherwise overlooked by history.

It's the 18th century, there is a a log from the woodpile, stood on end and an artist. The result is a manuscript in a plain brown binding, whose entire contents, beyond a cryptic title page, are fifty-two small, round watercolor paintings based on the visions she saw in the ends of firewood logs.

This book reproduces the entire sequence of paintings in full color, together with a meditative commentary by the art historian James Elkins. The afterlife of John F.

Despite his presidency undergoing thorough revisionism since the seventies and the failings of his private life exposed, Kennedy still has a higher approval rating than any of the presidents who succeeded him, and remains nearly as popular as he was during his presidency. In the Afterlife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Michael J Hogan explores the story of Kennedy the icon, from its origins in the image that Kennedy created for himself in the White House as representative of all the American virtues, through his murder that turned him into a sacrificial hero. And then how Jackie Kennedy deeply embedded him within American memory as the stuff of legend, through a series of memoralizations, such as the funeral with all its symbolism and a series of monuments, representing his commitment to the arts, liberty, and peace etc.

She also sought to control how he was written about, and to suppress the less favorable aspects of chis character. The story of a strong woman, told in a less traditional way. Neuromancer, the science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson, is one of the best-known works in the cyberpunk genre. Gibson's debut novel tells the story of a washed-up computer hacker hired by a mysterious employer to pull off the ultimate hack and was the first novel to win the Nebula Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the Hugo Award. Much has been written on the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, but this is the first study examining the impact on and role of Australia in this international event and Australia's immigration policy regarding Jewish refugees from Czechoslovkia.

The car has served as a vehicle for masculinity. Everything about the car: Freedom, speed, power has been understood from the male perspective.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Where is Blake? Kansas City, the heart of America—where the heartless Evelyn Blake lords over the Blake Media. Deliver Us from Evelyn (Kansas City Blues, book 2) by Chris Well - book cover, description, publication (The second book in the Kansas City Blues series).

Women however have been understood as fundamentally incompetent drivers, a frequent source of humour in modern culture. In this new study, Katherine J Parkin shows that women have always bought, driven and repaired cars and were expected to do so, just not be very good at it. She explores the social implications of the stereotypes and how car culture has contributed to the polarisation of gender roles and discrimination and continues to do so.

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Women primarily used the car as part of their domestic duties as wife and mother, when a man was present they were expected to take the passenger seat. Advertisers also made assumptions about buyers based on genders. Whilst even into the twenty first century car salesrooms have remained hostile environments for female purchasers. The author concludes that the broader American society and car culture still persists in being patriarchal.

I only wished I could give added entries to all contributors. Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy is filled with insights into the meaning of digital activism and little understood facets of culture in the Internet age, including the history of "trolling," the ethics and metaphysics of hacking, and the origins and manifold meanings of "the lulz.

Why did the great philosophical novelist George Eliot feel so self-conscious that her right hand was larger than her left?

2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

Letters consist mainly of social and family news of the three families. Typescript copy of the autobiography, , of St. Bowling also discusses the lack of feed for his horse and the need for another mount. You will, however, find yourself nodding when she goes on rants about friends who become parents and treat their children like fragile experiments. Tourists exult in Bahia, Brazil as a tropical paradise infused with the black population's one-of-a-kind vitality. A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early s establishes a get-rich-quick scam that turns deadly.

Exactly what made Darwin grow that iconic beard in , a good five years after his contemporaries had all retired their razors? How did a working-class child called Fanny Adams disintegrate into pieces in before being reassembled into a popular joke, one we still reference today, but would stop, appalled, if we knew its origins? Kathryn Hughes follows a thickened index finger or deep baritone voice into the realms of social history, medical discourse, aesthetic practice and religious observance — its language is one of admiring glances, cruel sniggers, an implacably turned back.

These days, swimming may seem like the most egalitarian of pastimes, open to anyone with a swimsuit - but this wasn't always the case. In the 19th century, swimming was exclusively the domain of men, and access to pools was a luxury limited by class. Women were barely allowed to swim in the sea, as long as no men were around, but even into the 20th century they could be arrested and fined if they dared dive into a lake.

It wasn't until the s that women were finally, and reluctantly, granted equal access. This is the story of the women who made that possible, a thank-you to the fearless 'swimming suffragettes' who took on the status quo, fought for equal access, and won. Interspersed with the text are the author's own recollections of becoming a "keen swimmer". Dangerous Visions is regarded as a path-breaking collection and harbinger of the New Wave science fiction movement of s and s. First published in is brings together science fiction stories by over 30 authors, many of whom had already won or would win a Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, or BSFA award.

The book that took the world by storm! Heather Tilley looks at blindness and the shift both the experience of blindness and its conceptualisation underwent in the 19th century, when new technologies had a transformative effect on literary culture and enabled opened new possibilities for the visually-impaired to shape their identities through textual means. The traditional politics of Left and Right have a challenger: Anywhere and Somewhere. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse and more as they walk around London, demonstrating how Woolf constructs the characters in her stories in a very politically conscious way.

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Time, place, gender, and class form the conditions of life that the characters must accept or challenge. Delany The winner of the Nebula Award. Delany's influence on the science fiction genre has been profound and he remains one of science fiction's most important and discussed writers. Queer Shakespeare brings together some of the most prominent critics working at the intersection of Shakespeare criticism and queer theory, demonstrating the vibrancy of queer Shakespeare studies. Works from Shakespeare's entire canon feature in essays which explore topics like glass, love, antitheatrical homophobia, size, narrative, sound, female same-sex desire and Petrarchism, weather, usury and sodomy, male femininity and male-to-female crossdressing, contagion, and antisocial procreation.

From the late eighteenth century until about , schoolgirls in the British Isles and the United States created embroidered map samplers and even silk globes.

Dark Places

Hundreds of British maps were made and although American examples are more rare, they form a significant collection of artifacts. Descriptions of these samplers stated that they were designed to teach needlework and geography. The focus of this book is not on stitches and techniques used in 'drafting' the maps, but rather why they were developed, how they diffused from the British Isles to the United States, and why they were made for such a brief time.

There has been little serious study of these maps by cartographers and, moreover, historians of cartography have largely neglected the role of women in mapping. Children's maps have not been studied, although they might have much to offer about geographical teaching and perceptions of a period, and map samplers have been dismissed because they are the work of schoolgirls.

Needlework historians, likewise, have not done in depth studies of map samplers until recently.

Smashwords – Deliver Us From Evelyn – a book by Chris Well

Stitching the World is an interdisciplinary work drawing on cartography, needlework, and material culture. When thinking about literary vampires, Bram Stoker's Dracula immediately comes to mind. However, this was by no means the first time vampires appeared in literature. Crawford traces the origins of the literary vampire, which don't lie in British or French literature often the focal point of research on the topic , but in 18th century German literature. Here the vampire makes the crucial transition from the vampire as a folkloric monster to literary figure in poems of the 18th and early 19th centuries for an audience that had become increasingly interested in superstition and occult phenomena in an Age of Enlightenment.

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water, yet tea is so much more than a drink. In this new history, the story of tea is explored through its impact on diplomacy, economics, the politics of empire, and society and culture. As a valuable commodity for taxation , tea was increasingly smuggled in the eighteenth century. The tea trade was also inextricably bound up with empire, and stirred up political controversies such as the Boston Tea Party and First Opium war with China.

Other chapters explore the botany, and medicinal properties of tea, and its impact in social settings. In the eighteenth century serving tea was understood to be an important social occasion and was associated with polite behaviour, and inspired poetry and art. Dillon Brown and Leah Reade Rosenberg. Beyond Windrush stands out as the first book to re-examine and redefine the writing of a crucial era.

Many lived in the Caribbean and North America, rather than London.