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Weekend Box Office Preview: ‘Downton Abbey’ Could Top Rare Trio of Strong Openers
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Death at Downturn Abbey offers an alternative view of life upstairs and downstairs

Vue Cinemas is finally taking bookings for Downton Abbey, but only with the bare minimum of screenings. All eyes on whether more screenings of Downton Abbey are added later this week. Image: BigStock — Thank you for visiting! Tags: downton abbey , universal , Vue Cinemas. And I'm glad they did. It ties up a lot of loose ends and I think there was a demand for it," he told Metro.

He also noted that Barrow goes on something of an adventure in the film. She also shared that she's taken on the role of the Dowager Countess's sparring partner in the film. In late September, it was also confirmed by Deadline that Max Brown would appear in the production. The Crawley family's clothes were a highlight of the Downton Abbey television series, and the film will be no different. I did get to play around with quite a few more tiaras though thanks to our newly married characters. Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary in the series, also spoke of the film's grandeur. Mary is in true form of trying to keep everybody in order.

In a separate interview, she also mentioned that fans might recognize a few outfits. We could afford to go slightly grander. Per EW , it will feature a forward by Julian Fellowes, as well as a behind the scenes look at the filming process. Pre-order it below:.

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A glimpse behind the scenes of the DowntonAbbeyFilm! Each one features a different character—Mary, Edith, Andy, and Barrow—but they all say "We've been expecting you.

Another round of posters was released in June , featuring additional members of the returning cast such as Anna and Bates, Mrs. Patmore and Daisy, and. Carson, and the Dowager Countess, below:. In honor of Valentine's Day, the official Downton Abbey account also shared these two new photos celebrating the film's love stories.

Are you ready to fall in love with Downton all over again? DowntonAbbeyFilm is in theaters this September.

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Again, every other major chain has had seats up for booking since the back end of August. With elegance and glittering production values, it offers the now-familiar fantasy of an orderly, graceful world , the kind that is especially soothing in our own chaotic social and political moment. American fans will have to wait another week to see it, with plans to release in US cinemas on 20th September. The plot is even creakier downstairs. Love film? Episode 8, Series 6 Tuesday October 22 at Series 6, Episode 8 Bertie's circumstances change suddenly, leaving Edith uncertain whether to risk telling him the truth or keep her past a secret at all costs.

In late November, the official Downton Abbey Twitter account shared a behind-the-scenes video of the movie being filmed, along with the caption, " unforgettable scenes, 50 wonderful days, 1 glorious film. It's a wrap!

That post came just a few weeks after Alastair Bruce, who serves as the historical advisor on the project, shared that the film had finished filming at Highclere Castle. Last night, we left HighclereCastle after the filming we needed for the upcoming DowntonAbbey film - we staged the last scene in the kitchen courtyard - exactly where we shot the very first DowntonAbbey scene at the start of filming for series 1 whatajourney FocusFeatures pic. On November 6, the official Downton Abbey Twitter account shared this sneak peek:.

Cast and crew preparing to shoot a scene in a very recognisable bedroom! Can you tell us who it belongs to? DowntonAbbeyFilm pic. Bruce has also shared photos of Harewood House, a filming site he says "was perfect because of its entrance hall and gardens.

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Another simply glorious location for filming the coming DowntonAbbey movie - HarewoodHouse was perfect because of its entrance hall and gardens. Also, I got the chance to do my cameo - DowntonAbbey experts may know I appear in every season - now in film too FocusFeatures pic. A few other photos of the set in Lacock, Wiltshire have surfaced as well.

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See a few below:. The news of Smith's return to the story comes as something of a surprise. She hasn't been so thrilled about continuing the Crawley story in the past. It was so meandering, what would you [do]?

Downton Abbey movie: Will there be another film?

Anyway that's not my problem. Sadly, there are at least three TV cast member who will not appear in the adaptation.

Downton Sixbey Episode 1 (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Actress Lily James, who played Lady Rose in the latter seasons of the show, has confirmed that she will not be in the movie. Ed Speelers, who played the ambitious footman Jimmy in the latter seasons of the show, will also be missing from the film. And Sue Johnston, who plays the Dowager's lady's maid Denker was originally in the film, but then her scenes were cut.