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The tendency to day dream is another daily occurrence. Robert commonly observes this phenomena on the subway, noting that its passengers think about anything other than the experience of riding. This is inferred by their preoccupation with another activity, such as reading, or listening to music.

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Perhaps, the commuters would rather be doing something other than going to work. It is likely possible, for imagining the multitude of ways to improve one's professional lives comes quite easily to most of us. Ultimately, Robert's observation relates to the importance of the examined life by reminding us to be aware of our habits of fantasizing. Robert Rowland Smith , writer and consultant. The Fundamentals of Critical Thinking.

The Critical Thinking Community. Read the table of contents Penguin Books. The School of Practical Philosophy.

Philosophy — What’s the Use?

Pleasanton, CA. Robert Rowland Smith's Online Homepage. Universities Quarterly 1 Nov Jay Wallace.

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Everyday Philosophy:Practical Applications - Kindle edition by Gene Bammel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. THE USES OF PHILOSOPHY IN EVERYDAY LIFE Uses real-life scenarios to demonstrate how Aristotelian logic can be used to combat.

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leondumoulin.nl/language/little/my-one-true-friend.php Sunday, July 31, Humor Popular Culture Ethics. What is it Philosophy isn't just about cosmic issues.

Roving Philosophical Report: seek to Caitlin Esch proves that the examined life truly helps people. The institution's curriculum mixes eastern and western practices for developing calmness of mind and a broad perspective. With practice, your philosophy becomes automatic habit, it becomes ingrained. They in CBT have loads of great techniques for turning your philosophy into automatic habit- like maxims for example, just repeating little, almost sound bites. Greek philosophy is full of these little sound bites which you repeat over and over until they become part of your automatic self-talk.

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This also involves going out and practicing in real life situations. I use the word ecstasy, which people think means being very, very happy- but in Ancient Greek it means ecstatic, which means standing outside. We, as humans, can get stuck in loops of self-rumination and negative thoughts about ourselves and about the world. We get cocooned into this rumination, and I think there are two ways to get out. One is through rational philosophy. The other is through ecstatic experiences which shift your consciousness somehow through a kind of shock.

And you just break out of that loop. Throughout history, ecstatic rituals and ceremonies have been important ways in which people have bonded, particularly in cities where they might otherwise feel rather alienated.

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You go to some kind of festival, or ritual at church, together and you feel bonded at a sub-rational, emotional level. Ecstatic experiences are also important for inspiration. People find a sense of meaning, a sense of connection to the universe, a sense of connection to something beyond death. People, artists and scientists have sometimes used kind of ecstatic techniques for their muse or inspiration.

Aesthetics of the Everyday

In our culture, particularly in the last years in Western culture, people have become much, much more ambivalent if not hostile to ecstatic experiences. The idea of losing control is seen as dangerous and shameful and ignorant… the idea of connecting to some kind of spiritual dimension has become seen as ignorant and embarrassing. There has been a shift in our culture to marginalise ecstatic experiences, turning them inti pathologies. Psychiatry in particular has tended to be very hostile to ecstatic experiences and to interpret them as disorders or illnesses.

The 60s changed something in Western culture and there was a kind of explosion of ecstatic practices- things like psychedelics, rock and roll, Eastern practices.


Not all opinions or beliefs are equal in quality or in value. We can date the origins of this type of philosophy to Socrates years ago which is very recent in the history of homo sapiens. What do you not do in life? Make Medium yours. Today, I think we are trying to integrate these kinds of ecstatic experiences after that shock of the s where I think we realised that often these new ecstatic practices were dangerous as well. You can teach in a book about critical thinking about logical fallacies and all that although learning to spot logical fallacies instantly is more difficult , but this ability to think of other perspectives quickly and critically, is something that takes much longer. Bishop Berkeley questioned whether a room would disappear once you closed the door behind you….

Today, I think we are trying to integrate these kinds of ecstatic experiences after that shock of the s where I think we realised that often these new ecstatic practices were dangerous as well. So, I think where we are as a culture, and what I was asking in my book is, the question is not should humans have outlets for ecstasy? The tools taught by philosophy are of great use in further education, and in employment.

Despite the seemingly abstract nature of the questions philosophers ask, the tools philosophy teaches tend to be highly sought-after by employers. Philosophy students learn how to write clearly, and to read closely, with a critical eye; they are taught to spot bad reasoning, and how to avoid it in their writing and in their work.

It is therefore not surprising that philosophy students have historically scored more highly on tests like the LSAT and GRE, on average, than almost any other discipline. Many of our students combine studying philosophy with studying other disciplines.

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The most important reason to study philosophy is that it is of enormous and enduring interest.