Imperfect Perfection: A Cystic Fibrosis Journey

To my child with the imperfect genes; you are perfection
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Jennifer asked me to share how I developed PF and how my life has changed, and about my commitment to being a good friend to myself as I walk this difficult journey.

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You can listen to part one of the podcast here. I first learned about the importance of self-compassion in my work counseling clients for 30 years. They were brave and courageous as they worked through current or past experiences that were painful. Part of their growth was learning to be compassionate with themselves, as they worked through past or current issues.

What they went through damaged their relationship with themselves. I found that as my clients practiced self-compassion, they got better faster.

Their growth lasted after they stopped counseling because they had a good friend on the inside to walk through life with. Even when things are really hard, you can still be a friend to yourself. I decided that when others offered help, I would accept it. We may feel ashamed or blame ourselves for what we are going through, even if there is no reason to feel that way.

We may be used to helping others, but not used to accepting help for ourselves. No matter what, we deserve kindness, compassion, grace, and understanding. No one gets through life without struggling or making mistakes. It feels like I should have done something differently. Maybe so, but probably not.

There is so much to handle with tests, doctor visits, and getting used to oxygen and medications. Anyone would. I can be kind to myself and get the help and support I need to get through this. For me, practicing self-compassion has really helped me negotiate this very difficult journey.

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Toward the end of the podcast, I share about how blessed I am to write this column, and how wonderful it is to see all of us supporting one another. During really difficult times like these, we need one another, as well as a compassionate relationship with ourselves. What made sense or stood out to you? Do you have difficulty being compassionate with yourself? Thank you Josh Peck for supporting Peyton.

Friends and family, you too can help Peyton. Peyton is 14 years old and just got out of the hospital due to her lungs needing an extra boost. The family of Peyton is overwhelmed by all the support and love they receive. Because of you all, life is just a little bit easier.

I went Purple for Peytan!! Purple4Peytan BreathingisBelievin. Sweet Peyton is in the hospital to give her lungs a boost.

Peyton is a dancer. She has a team of dancers waiting for her to come home. Thank you to all our donors who help make life a little easier. Look at that smile.

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Sending you hugs Ms Peyton. You all are the best. The Cody Foundation is happy to help our buddy Ben to play hockey. Ben loves the fast pace and action throughout the entirety of the games. Ben says, "I have been playing Hockey for as long as I can remember and I have my parents to thank for getting me involved at such a young age.

My dad always says, "when your lungs feel like they are coming out of your mouth, you know you are getting a great workout," and that is exactly what happens in hockey.

One man's journey of living with cystic fibrosis turns into a love story

Hockey has been so beneficial to my health ever since I started playing. It is such a great workout for my entire body, especially my lungs. Good things are happening with the Cody Foundation! Link: www.

Turning to Self-Compassion in Difficult Times

To all who give and support this foundation so generously! Today is the first FULL day in our new office space and it has been so nice to have a quiet place to work! I am really looking forward to all that lies ahead for the foundation and those we are so honored to serve! We started moving into the new office space today! Exciting days are ahead!

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Jacqueline Pomfret Capriotti. Please join and mark this day May 1st Cystic fibrosis Souls Commemor We will honor those who have passed from this disease that we are fighting so hard to end.

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This is not a fundraiser. Please share your children, spouses, siblings, friends and loved ones who have passed. Their images, videos, artwork they created, ages at time of passing, names and something you want the World to know about them.