Solitary and Wild: Frederick MacNeice and the Salvation of Ireland

Author: David Fitzpatrick
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And there are six fresh regional case-studies: Tory Island, Co. Donegal; the Wicklow uplands; Inistiogue, Co. Kilkenny; Aughris, Co. Sligo; Clonfert, Co.

Galway; and Point Lance, Newfoundland. There is a new cover, many. For lovers of the often troubling poetry of Louis MacNeice, his father is a reassuring presence: solid, sober, pious yet tolerant, a Church of Ireland clergyman unafraid to reject the Ulster Covenant of , denounce sectarianism and even espouse Irish nationalism. But as David Fitzpatrick discovered.

Frederick MacNeice — was not a Home Ruler but an all-Ireland unionist, who for many years was an enthusiastic Orangeman in Dublin and then Ulster. In later life, especially as bishop of Down after , he set aside these connections to pursue intercommunal peace and tolerance in Belfast and beyond. The relationship between father and son is re-examined, and several well-known poems are reinterpreted in the light of fresh evidence. Without these cultural forms, they argue, many developed by Irish inventors and pioneers e.

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Part one looks at the business side of things, not least the siting and building of cinemas. It will live too through the very many undergraduates, graduate students, and colleagues that he guided, mentored, and cajoled. He will be missed deeply and widely, but most of all by his loving family and friends. His recent publications include Defying the IRA?

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Intimidation, coercion, and communities during the Irish Revolution Liverpool, an he is currently working on a book on Dublin for the Four Courts Press Irish Revolution series. Search blog articles By Category Please select By Keyword. By Author Please select Aileen Dillane Dr. Margaret Brehony Dr. Martin J. I WISH to commend the Gazette for publishing four very clear presentations of the various viewpoints on human sexuality in the context of Christian belief from the contributors to the Gazette Review supplement 20th January.

It helps everyone to think about this issue in a more reflective manner. The first article by Jan and Susan seems to tell us that there is no need for debate.

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Everything is crystal clear and we all need to wake up and accept things as the liberal wing of Anglicanism sees it. I wonder.

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We could all be challenged by his openness and sincerity and none of us can walk away from his article without realizing that there are issues in all of our lives, other than this, with which we need to struggle as Christians. The irony is that the people who would criticise Marcel most severely would be the gay lobby both inside the Church and in society as a whole.

Marcel, in my opinion, could hold his head high in any company.

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I am not sure that he is fair to the strong Anglican tradition of biblical ethics which is far deeper than the polemical term, the Bible says. In the biblical account of creation, God did see that everything was very good, but that changed when human beings took things into their own hands. There is plenty of room for creativity and love when these qualities are set in the context of redemption.

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However, I recognise that, as members of the Church of Ireland, we have some work to do on this front. We have been overwhelmed by the number of submissions received and have tried to thank each individual personally, but this has become increasingly difficult as the volume of correspondence has increased. The number of suggested items has reached almost 1,, which is ten times the number suggested for the supplement.

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Incorrigibly Plural. The road to war To mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the first world war, PRONI and National Museums Northern Ireland, held a joint lecture series exploring the impact and legacy of the first world war in Ireland. Henry Glassie, in his Foreword, describes Estyn Evans, the great geographer-historian of Belfast, as 'one in a tiny aristocracy of the mind who created the intellectual world we inhabit and whose writings will inspire scholars yet unborn'. By Lauren Arrington. Need an account? Ernie O'Malley was a revolutionary Irish republican and writer.

The committee is in the process of assessing these and intends to make a suggested list available to Synod members this year. We are delighted to have received submissions from every county on the island, representing every diocese, and are conscious that the need for a supplement has been so positively expressed and the work of the committee encouraged and welcomed.