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If I did go, I was sure I'd do personal injury law - it seemed like a way to write some wrongs and do some good for some people who really needed some help. I found a lot of articles online, and newspaper articles and magazine articles. I agree about establishing the link well in advance. He's one of the really good guys. When you're really deep in something, like anything else, you can't quite see it straight. Get A Copy. After meeting both Suzy and her lovely mother June, Tug has a gut feeling that there is more to this case than meets the eye.

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Joyce Ravid. Andy Siegel.

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Read this book and over 1 million others with a Kindle Unlimited membership. Suzy's Case: A Novel Hardcover – July 10, The plot twists keep coming in this legal thriller by Siegel, a first-time author who calls on his own experience as a personal injury and malpractice lawyer. Suzy's Case: A Novel [Andy Siegel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. POISONED PEN BOOKSTORE BEST DEBUT NOVEL.

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See More Categories. Your First Name. Taking this notion literally derails her otherwise admirable novel. Suzy is a charismatic enough protagonist, even in her state of persistent ennui. Low-grade depression seems to follow her around like a damp cloud, occasionally breaking into the downpour that inevitably accompanies the book's most dramatic or emotionally revelatory moments.


Yet Suzy's excessive interiority seems worth exploring, as does her spiky refusal to succumb to stereotype. She was once fired as a waitress at a sushi restaurant for refusing to pretend to be Japanese.

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An entire book could be spent unraveling the carefully concealed feelings of this Columbia dropout who avoids the usual models of immigrant aspiration. Kim, however, appears to have convinced herself that Suzy's essential conflicts lack sufficient heft. So she introduces a Big Mystery to amplify this novel of delicate atmospherics, a dicey choice given that her ability to build and sustain tension is next to nil.

Early on, we learn that Suzy's parents were shot dead five years before at their Bronx greengrocery, a crime that was never properly investigated. At that point, she was already estranged from them and from her look-alike older sister, Grace, who once played the role of dutiful good girl to Suzy's ne'er-do-well and only occasionally seemed to register her as a presence, let alone a sibling. Both the parents and Grace cut ties with Suzy after she engaged in a prolonged affair with her first love, a married professor more than twice her age. She's now involved with another unattainable type, a businessman who has a family and whose sole narrative function is to phone her from various European airports and whine.

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Despite the fact that there seems not to have been a single moment of tenderness between Suzy and her parents, she is haunted by their murder, and by the moment she declared, ''I wish I wasn't your daughter'' -- not an entirely unreasonable response to being called a whore. And the mystery just won't leave her alone. Who could ignore all the spooky clues that impinge on her otherwise dry, evacuated life? There's the anonymous bouquet of white irises that is delivered to her door every November, the month her mother and father were killed.

Then there are the persistent, untraceable phone calls -- four rings only. She doesn't answer them. Or the odd fact that when Suzy decides to visit the site where her parents' ashes were scattered in Montauk, people seem to recognize her and a shadowy figure moves about in the rain.

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Apparently, Grace was in the vicinity just days before her. The plot is dutifully thickened. But things really get cooking during a routine interpreting job, when a man named Lee Sung Shik, who is being questioned for dodgy immigrant hiring practices, turns out to have worked for the Parks.

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In a deft scene, Suzy fluidly changes the interrogator's questions to probe Lee about the murder, and discovers that her father ''had friends in all sorts of places. He and his wife, they were up to something.