The Day My Parents Got Lost

“My parents’ marriage was loveless. My mother blamed us for her failed dreams.”
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Twenty years later she found her parents after her new boyfriend Ilya Kryukov, 31, did a simple internet search. Heartwarming pictures show Yulia after she was reunited with her mother and the father who lost her when he dozed off to sleep on a 60 mile train journey from Minsk to Asipovichy. Yulia pictured with her mother and father after they were reunited two decades on, above and below.

Yulia pictured with father Viktor, mother Lyudmila, and boyfriend Ilya Kryukov.

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Heartwarming pictures show Yulia after she was reunited with her mother and the father who lost her when he dozed off to sleep on a 60 mile train journey from Minsk to Asipovich. A DNA test has now proved that she is the daughter of Viktor and Lyudmila Moiseenko - and her father has 'begged her forgiveness' for losing her.

Missing kids found, parents relieved

Her parents now in their late 50s searched frantically for their lost child at the time, as did local police, but ended up under suspicion of killing the girl. As recently as when police reopened the case, they underwent lie detector tests which they both passed.

It remains unclear how Yulia got from Asipovichy to Ryazan, except she has a memory of a train journey.

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A couple - who possibly kidnapped the lost girl - was believed to have been involved. Yulia still lives in Ryazan where she was found on a railway siding in It is some miles from Asipovichy where she was lost. Her real mother Lyudmila said: 'Twenty years is like a whole life, but we never lost hope, we believed — and so we found each other. The reunion was in a police station in Marjina Horka settlement. Before leaving she walked with her father around the station where the train ended its journey in There were three weeks between Yulia being lost and her discovery by a policeman in Ryazan on 21 October She recalled as a child how she was travelling with a man and woman who were hiding from police.

The police sent her to an orphanage and after a fruitless search in Russia for her family, she was given up for adoption by March the following year to Irina and Oleg who had two sons and wanted a daughter. Yulia says now: 'I was always searching for my family, checking internet, trying to browse…but I found nothing.

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She told Ilya about her story - and miraculously he found details of a girl lost in Belarus shortly before Yulia was found in Russia. Yulia pictured with daughter Kristina. Yulia's identity. Yulia says now: 'I was always searching for my family, checking internet, trying to browse…but I found nothing'. After several false starts they made contact via police in Pukhovichesky. She tried to contact her father on social media - but he didn't reply. She didn't know this was because he didn't know how to text.

I knew that by then police told them about me but I was still so deeply worried about the first chat. They are still alive, I have NOT lost them at all. My sad feeling comes from thinking about them being dead, but it is a distorted thought because they are alive and well. I don't have to have this sad feeling because it's based on a thought that is made up. Did you find this post helpful? Have you talked to them about this? Perhaps telling them about these thoughts can bring comfort. I wish you the best of luck!

Sorry to hear you're dealing with this, I remember going through this myself. Often times, these fears stem from something that's bothering us in real life, like the fear of being alone or social anxiety, it often shows up in our subconscious thoughts. The best thing to do when you begin experiencing these things is to clear your mind, and focus on your breathing only.

Examine where these thoughts are coming from and when they first start, as there might be a trigger. This may also be a symptom of OCD, where there are reoccurring thoughts of something dangerous like being a victim of theft or fire. Our brain sometimes plays imagery of terrifying thoughts, because we evolved to do so, in order to know how to react if something like that ever occurred in real life.

The good new is, it most likely won't; these are just thoughts. If meditation does not work, and this is causing you distress, seek professional help. There are programs designed to help you work through these feelings. Anonymous November 6th, pm. Thinking about your parents is a very natural thing to do The more we love someone, the more we think about them and what they bring to our lives Some people can take great reassurance from their religion or beliefs in respect of the death of a loved one, and this can bring its own comfort and inner peace of course.

For those who don't have a religion they follow, they can also find solace in the happy memories they have And of course there is professional help available through bereavement counselling if that becomes necessary. But these are all things to consider when we know something is definitely going to happen and we want to prepare ourselves, or after the event of losing someone has actually happened. Losing loved ones is part of that natural processes of life, and an experience that the majority of us go through at some point.

But it is something we need to try to keep in its place, and try not to think too much about it until we are faced with it. Your parents would not want you to be spoiling your own happiness by thinking about such events until it becomes a necessary issue to face. It is something that needs to be compartmentalised as best we can..

It may be worth talking to your parents about the fears and thoughts you have By doing this, your parents will be able to reassure you and comfort you, and explain to you why you shouldn't be dwelling on this issue until it becomes absolutely necessary. If you feel that you are spending way too much time on this then maybe you need to talk it through more deeply, and look at the reasons why it is coming to the forefront of you mind and how you might deal with it.

Also, you might try doing something that you enjoy in the couple of hours before you sleep, Begin to ease your mind and stop it from becoming over-active by doing something that will divert and occupy your mind in a pleasant way. Only you will know what you really enjoy.. If you feel the thoughts coming into your mind, try watching something light on TV, or read a magazine or a book etc. In the couple of hours before you sleep, do as much as you can to help you relax We can none of us change the inevitability that one day we will all lose our parents, but learning to accept this as part of the life process, is a common part of our development as mature human beings.

And because it is a common and shared human experience, we have seen that it can be dealt with successfully Your parents would prefer that you enjoyed your life and to do that, you need good sleep, so they would not want you to be sad and losing sleep on such thoughts. So relax yourself as best you can, talk to your parents and try to compartmentalise such thoughts.

Death is a Reality

For me, time didn't heal but it helped. If it's still painfully raw, maybe allow things settle in a bit more. It's hard to make decisions in the midst of grief. When I did walk up the aisle, it wasn't to her favourite song. I wore my own dress and I didn't have a flower crown. What I did have was my incredible Dad holding my hand and an amazing fiance waiting for me at the top of the aisle. I also had 22 love filled years with my mam and while she wasn't there on the day, I was happier than I knew I could be which is all she would have wanted.

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My mam passed away just over two years before our wedding. I'm eternally grateful that she got to know and love!

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Has your child ever wandered off—or do you worry that they will? 'The Day My Parents Got Lost' is a fun story that gives parents and teachers the opportunity to . The Day My Parents Got Lost book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Has your child ever wandered off—or do you worry that th .

When it came to planning our wedding, I kind of expected the worst, and planned accordingly. I went to my dress appointment on my own - bad idea, I ended up calling Marko outside the shop in tears! On the morning of our wedding, I got dressed with Marko no photographers, bridesmaids, or family - good idea, it gave us a moment of calm before the madness, and meant any anxieties I had about being upset with everyone around, were eased. But the truth is, on the day I wasn't upset. Of course I missed my mam, but when the sun shone for our outdoor ceremony it had been lashing rain about two hours before I knew she was there.

I was too happy to be sad. Our friend and celebrant Dan took a moment out to remember her at the start of our ceremony, but like a pro, he didn't dwell on her absence. My dad gave the most gorgeous speech the whole room was in floods but it was sincere and heartfelt, not mournful. We had sadly lost a few people in the year or two before our wedding, so we made a perspex "Here in Spirit" sign, with photos on an easel, and stood it next to the table plan, and I think our families really appreciated the sentiment.

But really, I have to say, the main reason I didn't miss my mam on the day, or have as many weepy moments as I'd expected during the planning, is a testament to the people around me who filled in the void. My dad was both mother and father of the bride and chief bridesmaid! My sister was a constant source of excitement, encouraging me to indulge in wedding chatter even when it felt frivolous.

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View web version. Please enter a valid password. He was fifteen years old. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. His body was never recovered, so that's where he lies. When our oldest daughter was a toddler, she wandered off in a department store. Welcome back.

My aunties and cousins threw me a kitchen party complete with my very own cocktail bar. My in-laws were unreal, Marko's mam and I had at least one tear-filled heart-to-heart over wine. And of course, Marko, who let me be upset when it was what I needed, but knew exactly how to cheer me up when that was called for too. My advice for anyone planning a wedding after a bereavement?

Getting Married After Losing a Parent

Be kind to yourself, don't put yourself under too much pressure, and let those around you, spoil you rotten! Naoise's Story Photo by The Mastersons Ronan and I were engaged for two years before the time seemed right to settle down and actually get on with planning our wedding. Claire's Story Photo by Navyblur My mam passed away just over two years before our wedding. See more in: Wedding Planning Wedding Dilemmas. You might also like…. Appleberry Press. Anchormen Wedding Band.