The Elf Mound (with panel zoom)/

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Earth-nut, n. Da mvi.

Earthquake, n. Bu nzoi.

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Earthworm, n. Po nioo. H DUN slow.

Dulcimer, n. U de nsutus. Dumb, adj. Pra nsi. Dumps, n. Bekro nzi, Intense grief. Dun, adj. Bigri ncou, mouse-like in color. Dun, V. Dapra nsikai, frequently to visit. Dunce, n. Frampi ro, an unsagacious person. Dung, n.

The Elfin Hill - by Hans Christian Andersen

Trenza ri, excrement; the dunged thing. Kro nja. Dung, V.

It's good Burroughs type adventure fiction, but I can't really see it as an important enough book to rate this hardcover reprint. Enigmatical, adj. Bob Mecoy. Effort, n. From where I sit, they are pure juvenile exhibitionism. These two novels are for us, the aficianado.

Tre nslnai. Dung, to dung land , v. Tl nsitai, to manure with dung. Dungeon, n. U pli mpur kantruso kis, a dark imprisoning place. E D G Earthen vessel, n. Rinsa dus. Ease, n. To mba. Easy, adj. Ko ntu. Easiness, n. Ko ndi. East, n. Pi ndo. Easter, n. Bumprai gis, passover time. Eat, V. Pra nsifai, to eat. Eaves, n. Kri ndo ga nzotu. Eaves-dropper, n. U grentupoo ro twafo mputo.

The Elf Mound (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated Junior has been added

Ebb, n. Dina nza. Ebony, n. Vu mvinoi. EbulUtimi, n. Fe nzo, boihng. Eccentric, adj. Pene tou, not centrical. Ecclesiastical, adj. U ntru. Ecclesiastic relation, n. U ndri.

A Universal Alphabet, Grammar and Language - Geroges Edmond, 1855

Ecclesiastical officers, n. U ndroiz. Ecclesiastical discipline, n. U ndril. Echo, n. Te ntufoo i mbo, reflected sound. Ecli2 se, V.

the elf mound with panel zoom classics illustrated junior Manual

Pli mplvrost pendi stikus or pendai ti. Ecliptic, n.

Ti nzis. Bano nzo, a pastoral song. Edacity, n. Fle mboi, gluttony. Edge, n. Kri ndo, margin. Gade nsuvoo, apt to cut. D Y S Duplicate, n. Durable, adj, Vi ntur.

The Elf Mound (with panel zoom) - Classics Illustrated Junior has been added

Durance, n. Ka ndi-is, imprisonment. Duration, n.

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Ru ndil. Duress, n. Fra mboo rinzoo tu. Dirt, n. Fu nza. Dirty, adj. Fu nsa. Dusk, adj. Pepli mpur, rather dark. Pu nza. Duty, n. Konta ri, due thing. Dutifulness, n. Pe mbi. Dwarf, n. Plantu rpro, a little person.