The Shamrock and the Rose

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Strauss are particularly antagonistic with Cohen setting up booby traps for his neighbor and Kelly keeping a Yiddish dictionary in his pocket so that he can figure out when he has been insulted and seek appropriate revenge. Okay, I also grant that the dictionary joke is cute. Kelly Dot Farley nurses a soft spot for Mr.

Finally, each family is blessed with a bratty younger son. The pair discover their older sister and brother canoodling by the lake and immediately engage in petty blackmail.

A dime for their silence, not a penny less! The story is a one-joke premise that quickly runs out of steam, with all the best gags and the term is relative used in the first ten minutes and nothing remaining to sustain the other three-quarters of an hour that remains. The entire climax of the picture relies on the Cohens not noticing that one of their next-door neighbors is with child. Given the way the families are obsessed with one another, I find the scenario highly unlikely. The dull pace would be bad enough on its own but it is punctuated with some truly tacky humor.

Rose, shamrock and thistle

Matters are made worse by the shameless mugging by some of the performers. We get scenes of Sammy obsessing over money and actually kissing a quarter at one point, then we see Mr. Kelly struggling to read a simple telegram and being taken by a conman. Why no jokes about Finns, movie? How could you leave Yugoslavia uninsulted? The Jewish family bears a slightly larger share of the ethnic humor, with wildly offensive title cards and weird dialect pushed into their mouths.

We get jokes about Jewish characters being cheap, dishonest, greedy… In turn, the Irish are presented as illiterate, ignorant, violent and more than a little dim.

Rose and shamrock, Havelock North

Oh, sorry. I was looking for logic.

The few jokes that do work are either reasonably neutral puns Ice Cream Cohens or are based on linguistic coincidences Kelly and Cohen arguing over whether a song is about Erin or Aaron but generally, the film takes the easiest, laziest gags it can lay its mitts on. The rest of the cast gets buried by the script and intertitles, even the usually very good Rosa Rosanova.

The entire movie is clearly a low budget affair. New York City is represented by the storefronts of our two families and their back yards. Other than one scene in a park, the entire movie takes place at the homes of the Cohens and Kellys or at the hospital. The hospital actually looks like a redressed parlor set.

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Of course, low budgets can be forgiven if there is something else to compensate. The craze for Irish-Jewish wedding pictures can be traced directly back to a play that had all of New York talking, and not in a good way. From the s on, dozens of humorous sings dealt with misalliances between Irish and Jewish lovers.

While the play was a solid hit, the critics tore into it ruthlessly.

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We ne'er see our foes but we wish them to stay, They never see us but they wish us away ; If they run, why we follow, and run them ashoi-e, For if they wont fight us what can we do more? Bless you, Nicola. But seated 'neath the milk-white thorn, In evening fair and dearie, 0, Enraptur'd a' my cares I scorn, When wi' my kind dearie, 0. My vows shall ever true remain ; Let me kiss off that falling tear, We only part to meet again. At the thought our bosom springs That where'er our pennant swings,- Pull away, gallant boys, Of the ocean we're the kings, Pull away. For men must work, and women must weep, And the sooner it's over, the sooner to sleep, And good-bye to the bar, and its moaning. The Wolf of Kisimul Castle.

The play was roundly savaged as unoriginal and skating on the edge of offense. Zones Zone operations are made directly in the full article text panel located to the left. Tables Tables. Metadata Heading Subheadings Authors Abstract Although the drama, of " The Shamrock and the Rose " is a pretty familiar piece to Sydney theatre-goers by this time, its revival at the Lyceum on Saturday evening was patronised by a good Cancel. Loading article contents, please wait Line 0. Line 1.

Why, we can insult twice as many people this way!

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"The Shamrock and the Rose" (1927)

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Directed by Jack Nelson. With Mack Swain, Olive Hasbrouck, Edmund Burns, Maurice Costello. Editorial Reviews. Review. " good storytelling, compelling plot and interesting characters a The Shamrock and the Rose - Kindle edition by Regan Walker.

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